How to scientifically buy children's tables and chairs

Children's tables and chairs are the same as children's furniture. They are rich in wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc. These materials have their own characteristics, but they must be built on the premise of sturdiness and practicality. The coating on the surface should be non-fading and scratch-resistant, and be sure to choose a desk chair that uses plastic veneers or other non-hazardous paints because children often come into contact.

When shopping, children's tables and chairs need to pay attention to a lot of details, such as table and chair materials, environmental factors should be taken into account, then the purchase of children's tables and chairs is very important.

1、Materials must be environmentally friendly

Parents choose children's desks, of course, the first time to consider the safety issue, so the material must choose natural environmental protection, otherwise it will cause certain harm to children's health.

2、The size should be suitable
Children's tables and chairs must match the child's height, not too high or too short. The standard for children's tables and chairs for school age is 1.1 to 1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high and 0.55 to 0.6 meters wide. The standard for chairs is 0.4 to 0.44 meters, and the overall height is less than 0.8 meters.

3、The shape should be beautiful
Children's tables and chairs should be beautifully shaped so that they will fall in love with cute little tables and chairs. Don't be too exaggerated in design. The functionality of the children's tables and chairs must be paid attention to, as this allows the attention of the children to concentrate.

4、Color to match
Children's tables and chairs should not be too dazzling in color, because too much color matching will make children feel uncomfortable. According to scientific research, 0-7 years old is the period when children's creativity breaks out. It is best not to choose too heavy color matching.