Open Your Trampoline Park

First, the precautions before the operation of large trampoline

1. The choice of venue.

1.1 The trampoline Park has high requirements for the surrounding environment. If we are positioned as a youth trampoline, we need to choose places in schools, communities, shopping malls, gyms, comprehensive playgrounds, etc.

1.2 Because the large trampoline covers a large area, the rental cost will increase accordingly. At the same time, the price of rent is related to the local consumption level, and you can consider the choice of address as appropriate.

1.3 HideoSeek recommends site selection:

A. Areas with high frequency of commercial activities;

B. Areas with high population density;

C. Urban centers with a large number of passengers;

D. Blocks where similar shops gather (baby and children's stores);

E. The place where people gather

Cases of successful operation generally depend on large shopping malls, large supermarkets, department stores, city squares, pedestrian streets, etc., and you can consider opening around McDonald's and KFC.


2. Analysis of factors affecting passenger flow

2.1 Conduct surveys on schools, gyms, business districts, swimming pools, training courses and other related industries around the venue.

2.2 Initial assessment of how many people can be covered in the surrounding environment of the trampoline club.

2.3 What is the analysis of the potential customer base?

2.4 What are the operating conditions of other competitors around, and where are their advantages?

2.5 Do you often provide value-added services and service innovation to your customers?