The Develop of Trampoline Park

Usually, the trampoline park has a trampoline children's area, an adult area, a playing area, a slam dunk area, and a naughty area, a dressing area, a sales area, and a member area. Here, children, teenagers, or adults can fully relax their body and mood, and exercise and play through the trampoline.

In recent years, many indoor trampoline parks have been opened in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia etc. Trampoline parks have gradually become a good place for families to have weekend gatherings and young people's leisure sports.


The benefits of trampoline:

1. Improve the function of the human body's motor system and promote growth and development;

2. Improve the bending resistance,compression and torsion resistance of human bones;

3. Improve joint movement range, stability and flexibility to prevent daily injuries;

4. Improve human coordination, rhythm, symmetry, balance and motion accuracy;

5. Improve the functional level of the central nervous system, circulatory system and digestive system;

6. Improve the human heart vascular system skills, improve work efficiency;

7. Improve the strength of muscle and muscle flexibility;

8. Have a good impact on internal organs, can enhance the body's resistance to disease, adapt to fast-paced life;

9. Enhance the stability of human body sensory receptors and enhance the sense of time and space and control.

10. Long-term adherence to trampoline bounce can reduce obesity.


The trampoline movement in China started late. The trampoline was listed as a formal competition by the State Sports General Administration in 1997. The national trampoline team was established in 2002. However, due to the good foundation of gymnastics, the trampoline has developed very rapidly in China. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women's individual finals, Fujian teenager He Wenna won the 38th gold for the Chinese delegation. Since then, the trampoline fever has been set off in China, and the trampoline movement has gradually been divided into children's trampoline and youth trampoline.