How important of playground

 Play is special for kids,not only is it fun,but it is also important for healthy development.Kids love go to a playground.They can spend hours climbing,running and doing almost all kids of activities and play around these playground equipment.

 Trough play,children try out new skills,explore their imagination and creativity,and develop relationship with each other.

And playground offered a chance for kids to play in a limited risk area,to learn and enjoy the play time.

Playground is easily supervised by adults,and no sharp parts,non-toxic and easily cleaned,strong enough to hold the children.

And is there are a lot benefits of playground 

1.The playground give a chance for kids to develop certain skills in order related and get to know other people.Kids can learn how to commuicate with other kids as they play in the playground Self-Confidence for Kids

2.As kids become more active when they go to a playground, they develop a wide variety of skills. They get to develop their motor and sensory skills. These set of skills are definitely essential especially for kids who are yet to learn and develop many things.

3.Just like adults, kids also need to exercise and to be physically active. But we know that we cannot entice them to do what adults to Instead, they can just go to a playground and try out different physical activities. Playground can be fun for them and at the same time, they can exercise their arms, shoulders and legs.

4.Some parents might be hesitant to allow their children to go to a playground for safety reasons. But in reality, there are several benefits that their kids can get. In getting the chance to play with other kids, they get to increase their confidence. They can try out different activities and find success in trying out things they thought they could never do.