How to control the cost of opening an children indoor play park

What constitutes the cost of the indoor play park?
The cost structure of large, medium and small parks has two important components. One is the development cost before the opening of the park, and the other is the operating cost after the opening. The development cost includes the following items: engineering cost, start-up fee, marketing expenses, preparation. Fees, etc., usually account for the largest proportion of engineering costs, reaching 70%-80% operating costs include the following: operating costs, management fees, marketing fees, financial expenses, business taxes and surcharges, of which management expenses account for the largest proportion, reached 50%-60%.

How to effectively control the development cost of the children indoor play park?
Comprehensive and accurate market analysis can reduce investment risk: At present, many children's parks pursue a large character when developing and constructing a park. The floor space is large and the investment scale is large. The high-end atmosphere fashion is not wrong, but if it is blindly follow the trend, it will eventually The result is to aggravate the problem of homogenization. There is no effective market support, but there is scale but no benefit, which not only causes waste of resources, but also increases operating costs in the later period.


How to effectively control operating costs?

1. From the management to open source and reduce expenditure: intelligent management, through scientific and technological means, to achieve timely analysis of data, establish energy consumption standards of various departments;

2. Marketing is small and big: establish the brand and reputation of the park, make full use of new media, and integrate resources;

3. Reduce material consumption costs: establish employee awareness and establish standards for the use of various materials;

4. Reduce the cost of customer complaint handling: increase safety training, safety inspection, and do a good job in passenger safety management