What activies you can hold in your trampoline park?

1. Warm Up 
Jumping in trampoline park is a combination of sports and entertainment. It allows people to enjoy fun and doing physical fitness at the same time. But as sports, we must pay attention to safety. Therefore,we set up a warm-up area at the entrance of the trampoline park. The jumpers must warm up before they enter into the court.
The movements are very simple. It is similar to exercises class . The main purpose is to warm up body parts like neck, shoulders, waist, knees, wrists and ankles.

2. Aerobics
The aerobics is an indispensable part of park activities. The coach can teach all the jumpers to complete some basic movements on the trampoline bed. Sometimes the coach can show them advanced movements, so all jumpers can learn the movements step by step and never get bored.
After learning to these movements will make jumpers feel a great sense of accomplishment. 

3. Performance Show
This is the most popular activities for the kids. The coach performed difficult moves in the olympictrampoline area and kids watch them with applause and worship. Everyone wants to be  awesome like the coach, so everyone needs to come to the park and  practice often.

4. Neon Night
Neon Night is party time. The trampoline park equipment, lighting devices, music adn DJ must work together to achieve the best effect.
Just look at the enthusiastic children in the park you know how much they like this night.

5. Tumbler Game
It is not enough for jumpers to play alone, so the interactive games is a must.
As long as any kids can push the coach down on a trampoline bed and never bounce back, he will will a prize! 

6 Tug of War
Interactive games are always popular. Simple tug of war games becomes super fun in a trampoline park!

7. Relay Races - Ball Running

The ball running relay races can also allow children to enjoy endless joy just by running on the trampoline bed!

All these activities can be used in any trampoline park. As long as you think open, many ordinary activities and games can be moved to the trampoline park.
These activities will turn on the atmosphere of park and stimulate the enthusiasm and vitality of thejumpers. On the other side it’s marketing strategy. 

If you have any questions related to the planning and hosting of trampoline park events, please contact us.