The role of the baby fence


Baby fence are also called child safety fences, playpens, and safety guardrails. Most of them are made of plastic or wooden materials. They are mainly used to provide a safe and fun activity space for infants or children between 6 months and 12 years old.

There are two kinds of children's fence materials commonly used in the market: plastic and wood, and the children's fences made of plastic materials have become the mainstream products of children's fences because of their light weight, lack of color, reliable quality and combination.
Baby fence function:
The first point, liberate mother hands: mother can put the baby in the fence to let the baby play while working, cooking or doing other things. The children's fence with crawling mats and other fun toys can make the baby play quietly instead of lying in the crib because they can't see the mother and cry.
Protecting your baby's safety: According to the adjustment data, 70% of the accidental injuries suffered by children under the age of three in the world come from indoors. The children's fence can isolate the baby from his own space and isolate it from the dangerous world.
The second point,(the glass on the table, the table corner, the stool legs, the thermos bottle, etc., what we adults seem to be ordinary things can cause serious damage to the baby). The high-quality children's fence can be firmly fixed to the floor by its own weight or the bottom mounted suction cup, without worrying that the baby will push the fence to hurt yourself. Fenced protection mothers don't have to worry about accidental injuries caused by curious babies playing on their own if they don't pay attention.
The third point, the development of the baby's independent ability: the children's fence can provide a safe personal space for the baby, the play fence of the child's fence itself or the toy that the mother puts on the baby in the fence can let the baby have fun and avoid too much to the mother. Dependence. Especially for the 2 to 3 years old child, self-awareness begins to sprout, speech and movement develop rapidly, and the scope of cognition of the surrounding world expands.