Outdoor plastic playground equipment maintenance tips

A new wave of strong cold air is going south, leading to a significant cooling in all parts of the country, and the sudden cooling of the playground has made it impossible for playground operators to catch up. The Hideseek amusement equipment manufacturer, which has always been focusing on the interests of its customers, eager for customers, and thinking about what customers want, introduces the maintenance tips for winter outdoor playground equipment for playground operators:
1. Outdoor playground for ocean park
For the outdoor amusement park equipment of the hydraulic pump station, it is first necessary to open the water discharge hole, then melt the frozen water by external heating, and heat it until the water discharge hole completely discharges the water droplets.
2. Outdoor plastic playground equipment for mechanical transmission operation
For outdoor playground equipment that is mechanically driven, the temperature in winter is reduced, which tends to cause the device to freeze.
a. Mechanical equipment may freeze in the winter when it is placed in the winter. Therefore, check at the end of the operation to lubricate the parts that are easy to wear. If there are serious parts, replace them in time.
b. Allow the equipment to run for 5-15 minutes daily before operation. The principle of heat generation by friction causes the frozen oil to melt and reduce the friction generated during manned operation.
Special reminder: maintenance and maintenance can not only extend the service life of outdoor plastic playground equipment, but also have a good maintenance effect on the quality and aesthetics of playground equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the playground equipment. Especially in the winter, the maintenance work is done, the lubricating oil and antifreeze are prepared in advance, the playground equipment is better protected, the playground equipment is guaranteed to operate normally, and the tourists are provided with a safe environment.