About Hideoseek

Who is Hideoseek?

Hideoseek is a global and turnkey provider for all the playground needs. We manufacture and provide only unique, interactive and quality products that are tried and tested, like indoor playground, outdoor playground, trampoline park, soft play toys, preschool furniture, plastic toys and so on. 
We guarantee to make 100% Custom products for each individual projects and 100% deliver on time. Our professional engineers will check each designing to engage children, match with international standards and ensure the safety.

Our Market

Our main market is childcare centers, malls, restaurants, health care centers, fitness parks, theme parks, recreation areas, airports, water areas, museums, and stadiums - any place that children and toddlers like to play. 
We sold to many countries in the world, like USA, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, India, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, etc. We would like to offer the reasonable playground with good quality product and life-maintenance, and get a lot of good feedback from customers. 

Our Mission

And our mission is to build a happy, safe, wonderful playground for kids from the world, to help the kids to have a excellent childhood. 

We would like to improve our company every day, to make sure we can create more interesting and safe playground for children, and we promise to made the playground better and better.